Malmö the new Harvard?

The big chief of my home city, Malmö, Ilmar Reepalu has pitched the idea about a world class business school in Malmö. I love the idea of a Business School in Malmö.  Malmö struggles with it’s reputation, finally has gotten to the politicians attention. Instead of putting a lot of resources in to CSR, global and local companies could support something that really could affect the reputation of Malmö once and for all. The only detail I would like to add is to name the school Rosengård Business School or Rosengård School of Business/Management.

Building my career & kickstarting this blog

I shall be honest. This blog hasn’t got too much of my attention since I started to build Well it is time to change that. Since I started this website I have pushed my own capacity further and further. Sometimes it all resulted in that I took on too many projects, some of them big and some of them small, all of them very important lessons. The most important lesson the past year have thought me is to focus on the capabilities that you are really good at and dare to show others that you know that.

Some people have reacted on this website, well most people do. For me I have had more use of my personal website than most fellow students usually can imagine. Human Resources people love it, University admissions encourage me to work with it and most important of all, I develop myself from it. Putting down your whole personal profile on the Internet is only constructive when you do so honestly. Lies are always taboo, but sometimes you say things that you think recruiters would like to hear without truly believing that you are all those things you have stated.

So here I am, with a great personal website with a blog that I doesn’t use. I have recently quitted my summer internship at Baker & McKenzie, one of the biggest and leading Law Firms in the world. An experience I value high and an employer I admire. I have also started my master education at one of the most outstanding master programs within Technology Management in Scandinavia (probably in the world, but it is to early to say). These two experiences, the summer job and the whole new education have made me realize the value of putting down thoughts in to words. It simply helps you realize who and where you are. Therefor I have chosen to kickstart this blog and will update it as often as I have anything important to share.