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The Avengers

Not everyone is familiar with The Avengers comic so I will brief you with the basics:

There are two main comic publishers, it’s Marvel and DC comics. They are equally big due to their “staple” of superheroes. DC Comics have Batman, Superman, Wonder woman and the less known Flash and Green Lantern. Marvel has X-men, Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor. Both Marvel and DC comics have started to remake some of the old stories in new movie chapters. However, in the Marvel versions there are hints to something bigger. In Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Hulk 2, Captain America, Thor there are hints connected to a movie version of the old comic The Avengers (2012) where all these superheroes team up to meet the upcoming threat of several main villains. This will with no doubt be the biggest blockbuster of all time and it wouldn’t have been possible to make this movie just a few years ago due to the lack of advanced computer generated imagery. DC comics have countered with the annunciation of Justice League (2013). This is just the beginning of a cavalcade of super hero movies. Just read IMDB’s list of most anticipated films to find out that there are many upcoming treats for all blockbuster fans. It is interesting because there will be a add, trailer and commercial war in order to win the cinema visitors. In the meantime enjoy this first official trailer of The Avengers:

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