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Throw yourself out there!

You really have to be some kind of risk taker if you properly want to call your self an entrepreneur. Their is no such thing as a risk free business deal. Still you can not be naive in order to succeed as a business man and take every risk their is. Great entrepreneurship is about decreasing risk in order to make the best business decisions. Some entrepreneurs can even by their own person be a risk decreasing factor.

I have listed 9 characteristic attributes that I believe is critical for a successful entrepreneur:

  • Entrepreneurs are not risk advert or bureaucratic.
  • Entrepreneurs tend to seek risk when it is equivalent to opportunity, not threat.
  • When an entrepreneur fails he or she uses it as an important lesson.
  • Entrepreneurs use their inner compass to categorize business opportunities, in doable, potentially doable and not doable.
  • A successful entrepreneur makes the not doable, doable.
  • Entrepreneurs see business men as those who increases the invested value, not just adminstrate it.
  • Entrepreneurs could have more in common with a guy selling ice cream than a CEO for a multinational company. It all depends on if any of the two develop or administrate their business.
  • Entrepreneurs follow their personal dreams, not the norms surrounding their person.
  • Entrepreneurs gather facts, give and take advices and decreases the risk of the business deals by incubating every aspect of the process.

Many people are convinced that they have great potential as business men and they might do. But you have to be brave enough to follow your dreams, not just other’s footsteps. You can not avoid risk if you want to make business, you have to tame the risk in order to control it.

Throw yourself out there and try something new:

These people are risk seeking and very bold. Still they do something that Man have always dreamed of, they fly.


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