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Why your name.com?

Dear friend, web user, academic employee, future employer or equivalent,

Having used Facebook since the big boom in Sweden during the academic year of 2006-2007 I was excessively focused on using the Facebook tools for my advantage, benefiting my personal agenda. I consulted both non-profit organizations with their Facebook network and gave advices to retail e-stores with their marketing on Facebook. I really believed that I was in total control. I got the wake up call during the early spring of 2011 when I realized that Facebook demanded more energy when using the network, than it gave me back in return when benefiting from it. So I left. No Facebook paus, I permanently deleted my account and started a Linkedin account. Linkedin allowed me to be more professional and look beside social connections. During the same period of time I read an article about personal branding on the Internet. A HR-expert and consultant said in the article that boosting your personal brand online would just grow bigger by the day. I didn’t hesitate and launched this website within a month.

I really believe in the advantages of owning yourname.com. I have now, some months later, asked several HR-coordinators, some working at the biggest consultant firms and most exclusive recruiting networks in Sweden, about this site. The feedback has been nothing but positive. So here I am, at eriklindberg.com constantly updating the information about myself and my projects, successful friends and colleagues. The personal benefits have been that I can keep track of my projects and commitments, like an online professional diary. In the future I hope to publish academic articles and such in this feed, so please keep track of me here if you are interested in my personal development! Do not hesitate to contact me at info@eriklindberg.com.

Best Regards,

Erik Lindberg

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